Sick Day

Cold weather, being cooped up, it is is hard to fight it. Snow day becomes a sick day. That feeling of a woozy stomach, sore throat and aches. It is definitely no fun.  Can’t write, can’t talk, can’t watch TV. All I want to do is sleep.
But then I find the netty pot, chicken soup, and an early night sleep. Oh heaven, the feeling of cleansing and of soothing warmth. It changes everything. No more sick day, all is over.

Sick days are no fun. They really can bring you down. But when you find something that really works, it is the greatest feeling in the world. Goodbye sick day!



Snow Day

Snow days are the best. Get to wake up late, hang out in your jammies, what morning TV… Snow days are great. Unless… they are half day snow days, then they are well not as great. 2-hour early release. It sounds

2-hour early release! It sounds amazing. 2 free hours of your life that you were scheduled to be somewhere but now, it is all yours. Sure, this is all true, however, there is so much more involved. First off, you know it is going to be 9 inches of snow, it is just not on the ground yet. You get up, pack your lunch, get dressed, and make the trek to work. You prepare the lessons, make the copies, and deal with the student’s anxiety over the snow. Once they finally call the day, right in the middle of class, now you have lost the kids, lesson plans are out the door and excited teens are bustling the halls. At release the kids are wild, it is like the last day of school. Some are nervous because they can’t find their ride, they are unsure where to go. Then, with 5 inches on the ground and the snow falling fast, you have to dig out your own car, in your work clothes of course. After you clean off your car and get on the main highway, it seems like it is smooth sailing until you turn onto your lonely side road. This road has not even been touched. Once you maneuver your way home and into the garage, now it is time to celebrate.

It is a tight line to walk when calling a snow day. It is hard I am sure, but days like this I would rather stay home and wait for it to come than to have to get through it.

Now I am home, relaxing and writing, deciding what to do with these 2 free hours. Maybe a movie, maybe a nap, maybe a workout. Something other than working. Soon I will have to head out and shovel, but it is not worth it until it slows down. I could just get a cup of coffee and stare out the window and joy the peace and quiet.

Snow day, I should not complain. It is natures way of saying, “Take some time for yourself.”



Go against the grain

Have you ever gone against the rest of your co-workers and had the unpopular opinion?

Have you ever agreed with the boss in an unpopular move?

Have you ever realized that you wanna work just a little harder and not because you are kissing ass?

Have you ever had your co-workers look at you with that “Don’t you make more work for me” look?

Well, January 2017 staff meeting was the first for me in all areas. The fact is, I don’t want to make more work, I want to make my work right. I want to make sense of my work and feel like I have made a difference. It may not be popular, it is just going against the grain.

Safe Travels


6:30 am off to breakfast for one last local meal for 4 months. 117 days to be exact. Today is one of those big events of 2017, Ashley is off to Spain.

This is an exciting time for my 19-year-old. She is heading on out to experience the world, pave her own trail, grow and expand her horizons. It is a big deal, a huge deal. I am surprised I am not more frantic. Ashley has grown so much, she is mature beyond her years. She is calm and reflective, she has a good head on her shoulders. She will make good decisions and not waste any moment to explore. So many adventures awaiting her.

As I wish her luck, safe travels, and some words of encouragement, I am happy to know that I have raised and independent daughter who is willing to take this risk. In the months ahead, I look forward to pictures, posts, and updates along her journey.

Safe travels and Godspeed.


To Do List

Every day there is something to do, to accomplish, to keep me active. But it seems today, there is nothing on the docket, nothing I am required to do, nowhere I am required to be. Some would say that it a blessing, I say… I need to make a To Do List.

  1. Coffee- a must have for the day. A nice hot cup of coffee to get me going for the day.
  2. Check the computer- I need to get the update about what is happening in my world.
  3. Sort student’s work- this activity is a starter for the bigger project of correcting them. I am not motivated to put correcting papers on my To Do List, pushing that one to tomorrow.
  4. Create a precision statement for my 8th grade class- I love data, working with data, creating data, I just love it. Now what to do with the data, that is the BEST part.
  5. Work-out- I should walk the dog and get a little sweat, weight doesn’t drop by itself ( Oh do we wish it did!)
  6. Nap- why not, we can’t do it often, so when then time is free, you might as well.
  7. Grocery Shop- usually I shop on Sundays, bring the food home, prepare for the week. It is a routine. However, since I have some free time, maybe I should experiment. If I don’t like the food I make, I always have tomorrow to get my normal food.
  8. Find a new series to watch on Netflix/Prime- Something!
  9. Continue to purge belongings- It needs to be done, well by June, but it needs to be done.
  10. Write my blog- so I misspoke, there is one thing I have to do today.

Whatever it is, just do something. Enjoy your day!

Coaching is life!

Whether it is on the tennis court, basketball court or the track, there is nothing like seeing a child success. Coaching for the last 8 years has been a real treat. I have seen so many amazing middle school athletes move on to high school and shine to state competition. It has been an honor and a joy.

Today was the first practice of my final season of basketball. The girls were so energized and so excited. They ran the drills, they tried their best. Not one of them complained either. I have seen it so many times. Girls come in to practice ready to take on the whole team and the first time they drop the ball, they quit. Not these girls. All of them had skill, all of them had some ability to dribble and they had the ability to try and not give up. This makes it an exciting season.

I have hope for this season. I have hope for the girls to be successful. I have hope for the girls to gain skills, not just win. I have preached to my B team girls that it is about the skill, not the win. I have tried to make sure that every girl has time on the court, that every girl has time with the ball. This is the way I coach. At 8th grade, if I don’t then our high school girls lose interest, numbers fall. I want to enjoy playing, I want them to feel confident.

Today is my last first practice, and it is okay. However, I am filled with hope for the season. I look forward to what the future brings.

Not Yet!

January 3, 2017

There are many things we can say to ourselves when don’t succeed. We can beat ourselves up, our self talk can bring us down. But, when times get tough or we are struggling to succeed, the best thing we can do is tell ourselves, Not Yet!

A fixed mindset (Carol Dwerk) can be a danger when we  want to change. Believing that everyone has predestined abilities and predestined deficiencies could cause us to set out on a challenge or hinder our journey. A growth mindset, on the other hand, is one which allows for trial and error, willingness and the want to change, and perseverance. This is the Not Yet! mindset.

If today you don’t succeed, keep on going, you may just not be there yet! If you are working towards a goal and your not getting their fast enough, you are just not there YET! Anything worth having is worth working for. It just might not be your time, YET!


Stop waiting, start living.

January 2, 2017

It is human nature to put off the hard stuff. Why would anyone want to take on a task that is going to be hard, challenge the norm, possibly change outcomes. People like the comfort of the safe space. The problem with that safe space is that we don’t move forward. And then… we complain. We complain because nothing is changing, that our lives are boring and stagnant.

To prepare ourselves to get out of our comfort zone, we set dates and deadlines. We tell ourselves “I’ll start my diet on Monday after the holiday” or “I’ll start dating after I lose 10 pounds.” These stipulation cause us to remain in our comfort zone as long as possible. The dates become movable or negotiated and we fall back into the rut of stagnation.

It is time to break the cycle. “Just do it!” the popular motto has it all right. Get out there, stop waiting. Hey, it is Wednesday, start the diet- it is 3 days after the weekend, good day to weigh in. Put yourself out there to date, even if the 10 pounds aren’t gone, people who you want to attract need to know the whole you, not just the “perfect parts.”  Stop waiting for the perfect moment, it will never come.

Once you start, however, it may be scary to see where the path takes you. The fact is that sometimes when we change, we have to face the ugly parts of ourselves. Being honest with ourselves is the best way to live. Releasing all fears, hangups, and self perceived issues allows for life to really begin. This is probably one of the toughest parts of changing but totally worth it.

Stop waiting, get out there! Start living, be the best you! You deserve all that 2017 has to offer and so much more!