WSRA Writing Challenge

Top 10 things on my mind…

1.OMG you are making me write!!😳

2. Work, the love, hate relationship.

3.  Weekend plans… They keep changing but I love doing whatever comes my way.

4. DZ 2.0 Here we come. When your daughter decides to join a sorority and you can have the same fun any more.

5.  Newsies- I must know. When your son witnesses the amazing show and all you get is “It was Amazing, I have to go to school mom…”

6. Dog days- I miss him. Barney has been at Larry’s house for a week. Boy do I miss him.

7. Back to work Monday, being gone for 2 days makes for a scary day to get the train back on track.

8. Bye Bye Birdie ideas. It is that time of year to prepare for ticket salesman the show. This is a very exciting times.🎭

9. Halves don’t run themselves. Since I committed myself to a Half Marathon in July, it is time to start training. Seriously, I need to get on it. I have 14 miles in with only 2 weeks of training and a snow storm in between.

10. Wine and Weddings. How am I going to pay for my supposed wedding and still drink and sell my wine. I need to get busy on my business to help pay for the wedding. Goal planning is definitely needed.🍷💍

After writing this list, it makes me realize that I have many things going on in my life that I need to enjoy. Life without my kids driving my actions can be sad and very  depressing, but it is my time to begin my life.

I am hoping this blog can bring out the excitement of life after the kids move on and how I can live when I am stuck with just me.


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