Super(bowl) Sunday

Today started like any other day. I finished both of my kids taxes, applied for yet another job, and let the dog out. “Man, it is cold outside,” I said to myself. I knew that it was going to be, WINTER. But I also knew that it was Super Sunday- like every other Sunday. I needed to get in my swim and run before the week really began. I did not want to run. This week is my 42 minute run.

You see, I am training for a half marathon, July 17th and I am, well you could say, not really half marathon fit, I am more like half mile fit. I started a couch to 10K training app 2 weeks ago and want to keep it going, no matter what the weather. I have actually completed this app before, last year, before I ran my first 10K. It was a great plan. Actually is it the reason I decided to run the half marathon. It kept me motivated and kept me focused. But really, who starts a running program in Wisconsin during January???

Well, needless to say, I did go for the run. It was a slow run, with lots of snow on the sidewalks. But I need to get out there, I need to be moving. I ran 3 miles in 43 minutes and it actually felt good. Barney, my 8 year old Boarder Collie loved it. I was so happy to be done. But that is not what makes it Super Sunday. Wait…there’s more. Then I hop into the car and drive to the local aquatic center. Up next, my 1/2 mile (800 meters) swim.

I am really not training for a tri, been there, done that. I just feel like maybe I will lose a few additional pounds if I swim. But the swim feels great! Swimming makes me feel like I am flying. I absolutely love it.

So this is my own Super Sunday. Run, Swim, Relax, Repeat each week. As an Empty Nester, I have to find things that I enjoy and keep me motivated when my kids are done. I think I am on my way to finding my place to be. I really never thought it would be exercise. Stay tune.

But now it is Superbowl time. Broncos vs Panthers. Not sure who to cheer on. I guess I cheer on the commercials.




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