solCoaching, to me, is not about the big game. It is not about the big wins, the buzzer beaters and come from behinds. Well, all of those things would be awesome, but I am a realist. Coaching to me is about the relationships. It is about me seeing the girls in a different environment then in the class room and also it is a chance for the girls to see in a different light.

Cases in point.

  1. The girls check in with me about how many steps I have taken in a day. They ask me, maybe because they know I need to walk, but also because they think of me as a person.
    1. Last week we had 3 girls fowl out of a game because of some crazy circumstances (horrible ref-ing) and one student said “Ms. Brown I guess your the next one in. At least you’ll get your steps in.” I laugh because last year the same girl only glared at me all season long. I call this one a win.
  2. The girls feel comfortable with me to ask questions, any time they need to.
    1. Sunday night I was setting in to watch my favorite show, “The Walking Dead” with my babe. At about 8:30pm my phone goes off. I answer to find that it is one of my students (and basketball and track girls) asking about the assignment that was due on Monday. “Yes, dear, it is due on Monday and it needs to be a page long describing your journey through Skagway, Alaska.” She got my number from her sister who had called me once during track season a few years ago and now, well, I have the number labeled to I can decline the call if I need to. But she still feels comfortable calling and I would say in this case it was a buzzer beater- she got her assignment in on time.
  3. The girls believe I am a good teacher. They want my help and value what I say.
    1.  I have a girl on the team who is not my student. She, however, is struggling with our vocabulary program has asked for help on vocabulary a few times. I recently asked if she would like to be in my review group to help with vocabulary strategies, even though she would not be with her class mates. She was actually thrilled and told her dad (who is our head basketball coach) that she was glad I thought of her. I call this a definite come from behind.

These girls are fun to coach, but I think of it more as coaching on how to be good teammates, how to work together and trust each other, and how to look at things differently. We have won 1 game and lost 6 at this point, so our season is not steller, but I would say that we really have had a blast this year and our teacher/student relationship is much stronger for it. This is why I love coaching.


2 thoughts on “The BIG GAME

  1. It is so refreshing to read a coach who has the values that the game is not the most important thing. Teamwork, trust, and enjoyment are life-long skills for life. Keep up the good work.


  2. Kudos to you for acknowledging what really matters in team sports. Our students and children need us to lead by example, they model what we present to them each day.


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