Of Course we have a plan!

sol March 1, 2016 is a pretty big day in the Brown household.

I am starting a writing challenge that I have never done before. Writing, me… Writing!! And, well, my son is taking the ACT! Wisconsin is providing a day for Juniors to take the ACT and of course there is a plan for both.

Well not really. I am hoping, through this challenge, I will become a better writer, and be able to express myself in different forms other than narratives. I have no clue how that is going to work. I guess, by commenting on other blogs, gaining inspiration from my fellow writers and maybe asking my students for inspiration too. Okay, so that is somewhat of a plan…

ACT’s on the other hand-No Plan. The boy, my lovely, talented, amazingly charismatic son has taken practice tests, has reviewed vocabulary, has reviewed math formulas. For what??? To have his ACT scores sent to American University in Rome. Seriously!?!?! No Finance program, no music program, does not have an ROTC program (all the things that he said he wanted.) Is he doing this to get my blood boiling? Is he just telling me this to see my reaction? Does he really have a plan?

My amazingly talented, charismatic boy is wonderful, a joy and seriously has great potential but today on the Free ACT day, he has NO PLAN!! A little stressed, I am and will be until the results come. But until then, I guess there is only one thing to do about it. Write… Write differently, write the same, get inspiration from other bloggers and stick to my plan.

Here we go March, it is going to be a bumpy ride.


16 thoughts on “Of Course we have a plan!

  1. Moments will be bumpy, but there will be smooth road ahead too. You are so right, inspiration will come from reading others. This is such a supportive forum for trying out all manners of writing. Hang on and enjoy the ride!


  2. Welcome to slicing! The best plan is to show up every day. When you’re stumped, read other slices. It may be bumpy, but I also promise it will be a delightful ride.


  3. It is my first year to join the challenge as well! I also have a boy! Mine is two and has quite a while before he takes his ACT, but this morning as we practiced our G sound, I was thinking about all of the things to come…I have a feeling mine will be the boy without a plan as well. Thank you for sharing your slice of life!


  4. This is my third year slicing and I’ve have learned a lot about my inner personal self! I’ve learned about being a writer which has helped me gained insight into what goes through the minds of my students.
    And… I chuckled about your piece about your boy! As a mother you always hope your child will find direction and then next thing you know somehow they do! I’m sure given time he will find direction.


  5. Welcome! I loved your slice; and I’m right there with you. My son, also a junior, headed out today with several pre-sharpened pencils. The ACT awaits! We moms, writers, and slicers must stick together…that’s a plan worth sticking to!


  6. This is my 5th year participating in this challenge and there are still lots of bumpy days, but somehow with the comments and reading other slices, the path seems to level out. Welcome to this wonderful community of caring slicers.


  7. welcome aboard! sometimes the way is bumpy–but what adventures we have! Isn’t it fun (and yes, a bit terrifying!) to move out of your comfort zone and into wild possibilities!


  8. So would this not be a good time to bring up the old saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…because nobody will be hiring in that field”? 🙂

    I jest. Out of the four years of college and 1.5 year of Masters program, the experiences I value the most are the times I spent living abroad. And I have the long perspective, being well over forty myself. I could have gotten a college education pretty much anywhere. Living in other countries has shaped me far more. I will always appreciate the support my parents gave me for all my traipsing around the world in my teens and twenties, though I now realize how much behind-the-scenes stress I must have caused!


  9. I have been doing this challenge for five years and now I notice tiny things I might right about. Collecting the ideas is part of the journey. At first it is scary, and then on the 31st, you wonder what you are going to do with all the things you didn’t have a chance to write about. Also, I think one of your plans to include a trip to Rome. 🙂


  10. Sometimes we just have to let go and hope that things fall into place. Of course, we can always be there for support and to guide, but sometimes our kids just need to fall and pick themselves up again. It’s all good.


  11. Thinking of your son . . . and I have to tell you that when my son needed a plan, he had one. His priorities and mine (and sense of urgency) didn’t match, but that’s part of life! Glad that you are slicing! You will be amazed at how much more comfortable your writing will feel by the end of March!


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