Drama Momma

sol March 7, 2016

It is here, the week of the show!! 4 days from now the Antigo High School Drama department will be performing Bye Bye Birdie for a 2 week run. The show is amazing, the shows are always amazing. It is the time of the year when MY kids shine.

This is our form of March Madness. 10 days of shows rehearsals, late nights, tons and tons of make up, costume changes, flowers, accolades, and more. This is what the Brown Family lives for.

13 years of being on stage. My son has been on over 15 productions, not only on stage, but behind the scenes working fog machines, working the lights and even resurfacing the high school stage. This is his home, the place he feels alive. I cannot wait to see how he brings Mr. Mcafee alive.

To be honest, I am a bit jealous as I love to be on stage too. It is a great place to be, safe in my new self, well, kind of. I love to play a certain kind of character,  the loud, overbearing, sometimes overindulgent character. I love the laugh, I love the feeling of being silly on stage. It is such a fun time.

My time will come this summer, but until then, “We love you Conrad, oh yes we do!”


3 thoughts on “Drama Momma

  1. There is little nicer than seeing your children on stage, unless it’s the grandchildren! I’ve done both, and hear well the love in your writing about this sweet time in your life.


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