Freezer Meals

sol March 8, 2016

Today, a Tuesday of all days, I decide to set up a freezer meal workshop. What is that??? 8 meals for under $150, made in 2 hours and frozen to have for the whole month.


8 meal, making 8 meals in 2.5 hours, chopping and slicing, it was a great evening. My friends and I created dinners for our families. Creating meals that the family would love and they are healthy too, that is key.

I hosted the freezer meal workshop at my house, my small, hovel of a home. With 7 people, 1 baby and a confined dog, it was somewhat of a challenge. Throw in no work space and no place to sit and you have a blast of the evening. Onions and garlic, chips and veggies, the dog is going to have a field day for the next week with all of the flavors.

For me, I am just happy that for the next month, dinners are made and my son is happy with his dinners.

Yay freezer meals.




One thought on “Freezer Meals

  1. What would busy teachers do without a freezer full of meals to thaw after a busy day? My sister and I refill the freezer during every break! The workshop idea is a great one.


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