Background Noise

sol March 14, 2016

Everyone listens to music. It is on their IPODS, phones, radio, car, and tv.

I, however, do not listen to much music and really do not watch much tv either. The background noise it too much for me.

I was thinking about this last night when my son and a friend of ours were exchanging music on their phones, trying to one up each other with different selections of barbershop, choir music and contemporary hits. They loved it. I, on the other hand, realized that I have nothing to share.

The background noise is too much for me. Now that I live on my owe, my house is extremely quiet. I might throw on a movie or watch something on the computer but there really is no background sound to keep me company, not even a fan. This is very strange because when I was married and lived with 4 people there was always sound. We were always go, go, go. I wonder why that changed?

Last night was an interesting observation. I guess I am enjoying the quiet, maybe I am finding some peace.


4 thoughts on “Background Noise

  1. I have 3 kids – and it is not often quiet. In fact my 6 year old is reading this comment as I type! 🙂 I think I will one day enjoy peace and quiet… but I’ll also miss the noise of this crazy time.


  2. I love music and background noise but often don’t even realize when I am home alone and it is very quiet. There are days that I really love that quiet–especially if it is early and the birds are chirping. And there are days when I need to put on the music for motivation. But I have to admit, I love it quiet.


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