Roller Coaster

sol March 15, 2016

What do the weather, my students, and my day have in common?

They all are a roller coaster ride.

Today we have 50 degree weather, mist and clouds. Tomorrow’s forecast is 30 degrees and snow.   3 days ago we had 70 degrees too.

Today, my students were crazy and very disrespectful. This has been a very low day. My students disrespect each other, say terrible things to each other and look at me like I am crazy when I wait for them to be quiet and act like I am putting them out for wasting their time. I am very frustrated and so sad for this day. Yesterday, we were on a productive high, getting work done, having wonderful conversations and just riding the top of the coaster.

This leads me to my roller coaster. I have been teaching for 8 years. I admittedly am not the best classroom manager, however, I have tried to be consistent in behavior and in expectation. I refer to expectation, I remind students of positive behaviors  as well. Lest they do not, and I stress as their work is incomplete, their grades suffer and I struggle with the off task and on task behavior. I clearly blame myself and am frustrated with the day.

Beware the Ides of March.. Hmm.. is there something to this day?



3 thoughts on “Roller Coaster

  1. This may not be reassuring, but this is my 35th year and I still have these types of struggling days. One of my friends (who is not a teacher) has asked me numerous times how I can have so much experience and still struggle. All I can say is that it is the nature of the beast. One day soon, everything will work perfectly and you will say: That was soooo much fun! Now, that’s why I teach.


  2. Some days are like that, even in Australia! I agree with mrssurridge. I’ve been teaching for 30 years and making sure that things run smoothly, including that kids are respectful to each other and to adults in the building, is always a challenge. Hope today was a better day. Time for spring break?


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