Letter to the Writer of a Very Angry Email

sol March 16, 2016

Dear Writer of a Very Angry Email,

I am writing to you because today you sent me an email. Your first email was a great email. You gave me great news about something I have been waiting for, something that I fought so hard to get. It was very exciting to finally receive word that I get to use the F&P intervention books!!!! Others were excited too. They commented that they were excited to use them too.

But then… I sent back my email to say that I too was excited and could not wait to dig deep into the information and even asked to design a training time with our specialist.

And that it when it happened. Your email back was deflating.  Your comment “I don’t care..” tore into me like a grapple. I was so disheartened. I really had no intention of upsetting anyone by  writing…

“Is it possible… We have been waiting… “
“I don’t care” was a shock to receive. The tone of the email was extremely aggressive. Emails and texts are a scary tool that could cause confusion and even misconceptions.
Please sir, I humbly ask that when you send an email, you please review it. The tone has sent me in a tizzy.



Excited about F&P


8 thoughts on “Letter to the Writer of a Very Angry Email

  1. I don’t know your whole context, but I totally understand your being upset and calling out this person. People are so careless with e-mail, they dash off a comment and click send without even looking to see whether they’ve said what they intended to say. They misspell words, they use the wrong word, they leave out a “not” or write “not” instead of “now.” And they forget that e-mail has NO TONE OF VOICE. One cannot make a joke or be sarcastic in e-mail, because all the recipient can see is the words on the screen. Everyone should always reread their e-mails before sending. Especially work-related e-mails. You really touched a nerve for me with your post. I hope you were able to speak to this person and let him know to be more careful in the future. Good luck!


  2. Oh no! I’m sorry you got an angry email. Something similar happened to me before; and it was very upsetting. It leaves you wondering if the mean message was intentional or simply careless. Either way, it hurt my feelings! I enjoyed your slice; and I certainly could relate to it.


  3. I would venture to say that too many emails are sent in frustration and haste. Being on the receiving side can be devastating. I hope the sender of your email realizes it and makes it right.


  4. Oh, communication has been on my mind lately, and this supports everything I’ve been saying.

    Without teaching people to think about
    what they write
    and how they write
    and how it will be perceived
    and is it clear
    and could I be clearer
    and does this fit task, purpose, audience,
    and could this be better communicated in person, or a video, or an audio file, or a document . . .
    we are doing people a disservice by expecting our major form of communication to be e-mail!


  5. The person actually said, “I don’t care”? Wow! It’s possible that person was having a bad day and they just lashed out without thinking. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. I hope tomorrow is a better email day.


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