Mental Health

sol March 18, 2016

5:00am every morning the alarm goes off. The blare of the alarm reminds me that it is time to start a new day. All the possibilities, all the energy. I jump our of bed, get the dog and head out to take on the world. I pride my self in saying that I am not a “snoozer,” every day is a new exciting challenge and I don’t want to miss it.

Lately the alarm has been signalling a yearning to just stay put. The desire to jump out of bed and say hello is less and less appealing. Even 1 month ago when  we were under a blizzard warning I was out before the snow came and rand 3 miles. But now, this week, when the weather is nice and life is good, I am sleeping past my alarm.

Why is it? Is it the stress of the students? They are always the same right before a break. Is it the family? All is well with the family- kids are good, life is good. I am just not quite sure.

As I type I start to think and I hate to put blame on anyone other than myself for not being mentally strong. I am very excitable and take on the energy of the room. So if there is negative energy I tend to feel it and try to change it. I try to change everything. My kids, I try to fix situation for them. Friends, they have a problem “Yo, I’ll solve it.” I just can’t explain it.

Today is Mental Health day. I have never had one. But I surly need it. I have read my past few posts and realize that no good could come of another day of “more of the same.” To day I will take care of me, make sure that I am well so that I might be able to help others. Could I have held on for just 1 more week and then off to Spring Break. However, should I stretch myself until I break or do I take a time, to be reflective and realize I am human and need to yell “uncle.”

Here is to a day where I can repair. I look forward to more positive writing, more challenging adventure, but I need to repair first. Have a good one.


7 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. If we don’t put ourselves first, everyone suffers. Too often we push past points without repairing what needs repaired. Here’s hoping your day brings you time to refresh and regain your positive energy.


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  2. Every now and then we need a mental health day. People in other professions just don’t understand it. Hope this day turns out to be an energizer for you. Enjoy!


  3. Recognizing that for yourself is so important. You are setting a great model for your kids, because you can’t take care of others long term if you’re not taking care of yourself.


  4. I get out of bed pretty easily, but this week I blamed my need to hit the snooze button on the time change. I figure I’d rather blame the time than myself. I only have 3 1/2 days of work until Easter break and that gives me enough excited energy to not even SET my alarm for next week. (However, you won’t see me going running…it’s more like dragging myself to the shower.)


  5. I like to call these “wellness days”. We need them every so often to recharge and to take some “me” time. Don’t feel guilty about doing it. It will help you go back to your class with more energy and be at peace with yourself and others.


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