Final Curtain

 March 19, 2016

To night is a final curtain for Antigo High School’s production of “Bye Bye Birdie.” It has been a fabulous run. The kids have had great energy and have had to learn some new tricks to keep up with this show.

AHS Drama is no newbie to sickness and stress. The musical is put on every spring when cold and flu season is rampant. For the past few years they have been safe, apart from the scratchy throat or an eye infection. This year, however, the leading lady came down with a terrible case of laryngitis and has not been able to talk for 2 days straight. The past 3 nights the kids have had to make changes and even have one of the girls be her voice while she acted in the scenes. It has been stressful for students, parents and of course the production crew. The director was quoted as saying “This one will go down in the history books.”

The local newspaper has been very gracious and even admiring to the cast, calling Brennon Brown, junior, a “Show stealer” and Jocie Hayek, freshman, an “up and comer, watch out for her.” Doug Benishek, Alyssa Peloquin, Alyssa Lucas, Emma Hale, Randy Palmer, Matt Matuscheki, seniors, will have their final curtain call, a bittersweet day for them, however, they have been great assets to the AHS Drama Department and will surely be missed.


4 thoughts on “Final Curtain

  1. Theatre gives you such a sense of accomplishment and pride, but especially so when you succeed against ALL odds! They will be telling this theatre nightmare story proudly for years to come, I’m sure!


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