sol March 22, 2016

As a kid, I grew up watching Disney movies. I loved them all, from Cinderella to Snow White, from Herbie the Love Bug to Swiss Family Robinson. It was a family tradition to watch “The Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday nights with the family. My favorite part was when Tinker Bell would fly across the screen.

Last week our ELA workbook had a story about a family heading to Colony Camp to learn how to live on Mars. The main character wrote in her blog that she was not like Swiss Family Robinson, stranded on an island, but preparing to make their way to a new planet.

As we read this allusion, I had students who could not recognize or relate to the statement to recognize it as an allusion. We began talking about it and decided immediately that we would show the movie “Swiss Family Robinson” before we go to break.

So today I showed the movie. For me, it was fabulous. The music narrated  the movie in perfect Disney fashion. Listening to Kevin Corcoran as a young boy brought back “Pollyanna” memories galore.

I was so fearful that the students would think the movie was “old and outdated.” To my surprise, the kids loved it! They laughed, they smiled, they really enjoyed the movie.

Watching the movie in class, just really brought back some fun memories. It was nice to have some really nice “family” time with my students.


2 thoughts on “Allusion

  1. Once in awhile our students show true class when they appreciate something we love. Or is it they have learned how to be polite? Either way, I love it when I can share something from my past with them. This was a great way to make a connection!


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