523057_4845497025294_1343698328_n March 23, 2016

Yesterday, a sunny Tuesday afternoon, our community lost an AMAZING person. A mother, a wife, my dear friend, and all around wonderful person was struck by a car while riding her bike.

Michelle Koss was born and raised in Antigo, WI. She worked hard and became a nurse, working with people to help with their dietary needs. She married her husband Tom and was step mom to 2 awesome kids and then had 2 boys of her own. She was an avid athlete, competing in several triathlons, running races, bike races, swim races, skiing races and more. If the race meant moving, she was doing it!

I  met Michelle when my family started bike riding and my ex-husband was competing in bike races. She welcomed me into the group. I was not as athletic as she was and she would ride in the back with me and kept me motivated to keep going. She invited me to her cottage to learn to swim in lakes (yes, it is scary when you have fish all around!) She also invited my family to spend days, swimming, jet skiing and hanging out under the stars. She also held annual New Year’s Parties where we would have to snowshoe 3 miles before we could enjoy the fun evening, with amazing food.

She supported my children in their efforts such as my daughter’s youth triathlon and my son’s running adventures. She always gave my kids encouragement and helped me maneuver my kid’s teen years.

She was an amazing lady and she was taken from us. It was very sad.

Her passion for biking never failed. The thing that is so important is that we remember to watch for bikers on the road! She was always a proponent for bike riding awareness. It is just so sad that she is gone.

My slice is meant to give tribute to a wonderful lady. My heart goes out to her family, friends, and our community for this tragic loss.



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