sol March 24,2016

Good morning world. Yes another day!! March 24, Spring has sprung!!! RIGHT!!! 10 inches of snow!

Seriously, I woke up to a winter wonderland. It was predicted, it was estimated but.. 10 inches.

Thankfully the snowblower was prepped, gas in the can, I was ready to go. 1 hour… 1 hour it took to clear the driveway but by the time I was done another inch had fallen.

I had to be done at 7 as I needed to get to an important in service. State testing requirements, we drove to school for state testing in service.Luckly all went wel but seriously, if kids had school it would have definitely been a snow day.

Actually, all went well. Curriculum has been submitted, proctoring forms have been signed.

NOW it is time for spring breAk, yes with 10 inches of snow.

Thankfully I am heading to Puerto Rico!!!

Happy slices to come.



3 thoughts on “SNOW!!!!

  1. We lucked out and our impending snow storm turned into a nasty cold downpour instead. Although one last snow day would have been lovely. Glad everything is in order for your testing our is soon to come.


  2. Yikes! Happy spring to you! Enjoy your escape to Puerto Rico. Hopefully the real spring will have arrived by the time you get back.


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