Traveling Checklist

March 25, 2016

As I embark on my epic adventure to Puerto Rico🇵🇷, I have created a check list of all the things I will need to do before I go.

1. Board my dog, with his favorite friend Larry.

2. Pack my warm clothes in 1 bag and my winter clothes are left in the car.

3. Coordinate with the local police to monitor my house (my friend’s husband is waiting for a package to be delivered- he is a police officer.)

4. Download all of my iTunes movies on the IPAD so I have something to watch on the plane.

5. Kiss my lovey boyfriend good bye. I wish he could come.

6. Text mom and sister constantly to see where they are in there journey to meet me there.

7. Drop off the car at a really sketchy parking lot, but there are lots of nice cars there😬.

8. Get something to eat. Airport food is the best.

9. Drop my son off at his flight gate so he can spend some time with his grandfather, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

10. Hang out alone at the airport and write my blog.

11. Wait, with anticipation, to board my flight to Puerto Rico✈️ (in 1st class!!! Got an upgrade because I switch my flight due to overbooking!!!) 

Here we go!!!


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