I love on a planet with such amazing ecosystems.

Take Antigo. It is amazing how the planet knows what to do. It starts the year, dead, covered in snow, cold and desolate. Animals and people survive through adaptation. Wind chills can be below 30 degrees below zero, animals will dig deeper into the snow and survive. Then the snow melts and life begins to come alive. As we head to summer, life explodes, we celebrate by enjoying the sun and cultivating the land for all life to live. Fall comes, we harvest, prepare for the winter and death to come.

Puerto Rico, so close to the equator and touched by the sun every day. The view may change but all in all the life thrives. It seems that there is a rotation of vegetation. But the sun kissed life seems to thrive all year long.
To decide which life I prefer more, this would be difficult. I love the change in seasons however, now that I have experienced this new life, I am just not sure. I think life needs to have cycles, there needs to be change. With death comes new level of life. 

I guess in the end I guess I am enjoying the visit but take me back to functional life of the mid west, frozen tundra to the amazing summers. Only 2 months to go. But until then, let’s enjoy the visit. 


One thought on “Life!

  1. It is amazing that the world is so different, yet each place seems to be teeming with productive life. It must be such an education to be able to spend such quality time in a place so different from where you live.


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