Coconut Adventure

March 28, 2016

Never in life have I been to a place where I can gather coconuts. The a copious on the island. Everywhere I look there are coconut. I asked our pool bartender (Marilyn) if we could take them. She said sure. Sooo I got 2 and I left them outside out room. They say for 2 days, as I tried to figure out what to do with them. 

Finally, today, it was a quiet and relaxing day so I decided to see if I could open the coconut. The hard outer shell protects the inside from high up in the tree. Marilyn told me that if it is brown the milk will be gone but the meat is very good. She also told me that if I go throw it in the ground I will be able to crack it.

We took the coconut to the road and started throwing it to the ground. Many people were walking by, looking and laughing. I finally got it to crack. I then found a sharp stone to try to pry ithe crack open.

With lots of work and strength I got have of the shell off. I could see the coconut but it was still not able to be opened.

I then employed the help of the resorts handyman. He pried the nut al the way out of the shell. We then shook it and there was milk still inside, about 2.5 ounces. I was able to poke a straw through one of the top holes.

Finally, the towel attendant cracked it open, just perfectly and then dig out the meat. 

It was a perfect experience (the whole pool side was involved.) We shard the meat and the milk. It was such a treat, even for the locals. It was such a fun time to try something new, something I won’t get to experience any other time. 

Coconuts are very protected but once you get to the nut, there is such a wonderful, special experience. There is a metaphor in there somewhere, it just was an exceptional day. 



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