Get out and Vote

sol April 5, 2016


The Primaries. A big day in Wisconsin. We take center stage on the national level to cast our vote for the upcoming Presidential Election. This is a big deal. We have had candidate galore riding around our home towns. They are stopping at our favorite lunch spots, they are talking to people on the street, they are holding huge rallies in our backyards to get their word out. It is an exciting time.

On a local level, even more issues are being decided. Today we are voting on the 5th school district referendum in the past 10 years. They have all failed and I am not sure what to think about this one too. Our school district has 7 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school which serves less than 2200 students. Our district wants to close 5 elementary schools build a new one and keep 2 small schools open. The school configurations would then be Pk4-4, Middle School 5-7 and high school 8-12. It is considered a Compromise plan and they want it pass.

We will see how it goes, with only 5 more hours of voting, we will see what the public says. I guess I wish the public would back education, but I also wish our school board would do what it needs to do once the decision is made. I hope that if the vote does not pass, they will not just say, go back to the drawing board but make the hard decisions that we voted them in to do. It will be hard and not very popular but it needs to be done. Until they start acting with authority I am still skeptical.

The national election is interesting  but the local election is the one I will be watching. We will wait and see.


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