January 1, 2017. The first page of a 365 page book.

We, as a society, are bombarded with cliches and quotes everyday on Facebook, Instagram, and the news. Our lives are summed up in one liners that either inspire us, make us feel inadequate or somewhere in between.  I have thought and thought of how I can use these one liners to create a way to express myself, find my passion, find my new purpose. Here it is! The first page of a 365 page book.

2017 is a year of change. There will be lots of first and last pages this year…Daughter studying abroad in Spain, Son graduating for High School, Fiance and I are getting married, moving to a new town, hopefully finding a job and beginning again. How do we write these pages, with joy and hope, sadness and reflection. There are many stories to tell, many perspectives to view from, but one thing to accomplish, sharing a journey. The road will be long an windy, filled with bad puns, anecdotes of small importance, a shot or two at poetry, and hopefully a little inspiration.  Read on.

Chapter 1- One Liners


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