Stop waiting, start living.

January 2, 2017

It is human nature to put off the hard stuff. Why would anyone want to take on a task that is going to be hard, challenge the norm, possibly change outcomes. People like the comfort of the safe space. The problem with that safe space is that we don’t move forward. And then… we complain. We complain because nothing is changing, that our lives are boring and stagnant.

To prepare ourselves to get out of our comfort zone, we set dates and deadlines. We tell ourselves “I’ll start my diet on Monday after the holiday” or “I’ll start dating after I lose 10 pounds.” These stipulation cause us to remain in our comfort zone as long as possible. The dates become movable or negotiated and we fall back into the rut of stagnation.

It is time to break the cycle. “Just do it!” the popular motto has it all right. Get out there, stop waiting. Hey, it is Wednesday, start the diet- it is 3 days after the weekend, good day to weigh in. Put yourself out there to date, even if the 10 pounds aren’t gone, people who you want to attract need to know the whole you, not just the “perfect parts.”  Stop waiting for the perfect moment, it will never come.

Once you start, however, it may be scary to see where the path takes you. The fact is that sometimes when we change, we have to face the ugly parts of ourselves. Being honest with ourselves is the best way to live. Releasing all fears, hangups, and self perceived issues allows for life to really begin. This is probably one of the toughest parts of changing but totally worth it.

Stop waiting, get out there! Start living, be the best you! You deserve all that 2017 has to offer and so much more!


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