Coaching is life!

Whether it is on the tennis court, basketball court or the track, there is nothing like seeing a child success. Coaching for the last 8 years has been a real treat. I have seen so many amazing middle school athletes move on to high school and shine to state competition. It has been an honor and a joy.

Today was the first practice of my final season of basketball. The girls were so energized and so excited. They ran the drills, they tried their best. Not one of them complained either. I have seen it so many times. Girls come in to practice ready to take on the whole team and the first time they drop the ball, they quit. Not these girls. All of them had skill, all of them had some ability to dribble and they had the ability to try and not give up. This makes it an exciting season.

I have hope for this season. I have hope for the girls to be successful. I have hope for the girls to gain skills, not just win. I have preached to my B team girls that it is about the skill, not the win. I have tried to make sure that every girl has time on the court, that every girl has time with the ball. This is the way I coach. At 8th grade, if I don’t then our high school girls lose interest, numbers fall. I want to enjoy playing, I want them to feel confident.

Today is my last first practice, and it is okay. However, I am filled with hope for the season. I look forward to what the future brings.


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