To Do List

Every day there is something to do, to accomplish, to keep me active. But it seems today, there is nothing on the docket, nothing I am required to do, nowhere I am required to be. Some would say that it a blessing, I say… I need to make a To Do List.

  1. Coffee- a must have for the day. A nice hot cup of coffee to get me going for the day.
  2. Check the computer- I need to get the update about what is happening in my world.
  3. Sort student’s work- this activity is a starter for the bigger project of correcting them. I am not motivated to put correcting papers on my To Do List, pushing that one to tomorrow.
  4. Create a precision statement for my 8th grade class- I love data, working with data, creating data, I just love it. Now what to do with the data, that is the BEST part.
  5. Work-out- I should walk the dog and get a little sweat, weight doesn’t drop by itself ( Oh do we wish it did!)
  6. Nap- why not, we can’t do it often, so when then time is free, you might as well.
  7. Grocery Shop- usually I shop on Sundays, bring the food home, prepare for the week. It is a routine. However, since I have some free time, maybe I should experiment. If I don’t like the food I make, I always have tomorrow to get my normal food.
  8. Find a new series to watch on Netflix/Prime- Something!
  9. Continue to purge belongings- It needs to be done, well by June, but it needs to be done.
  10. Write my blog- so I misspoke, there is one thing I have to do today.

Whatever it is, just do something. Enjoy your day!


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