Snow Day

Snow days are the best. Get to wake up late, hang out in your jammies, what morning TV… Snow days are great. Unless… they are half day snow days, then they are well not as great. 2-hour early release. It sounds

2-hour early release! It sounds amazing. 2 free hours of your life that you were scheduled to be somewhere but now, it is all yours. Sure, this is all true, however, there is so much more involved. First off, you know it is going to be 9 inches of snow, it is just not on the ground yet. You get up, pack your lunch, get dressed, and make the trek to work. You prepare the lessons, make the copies, and deal with the student’s anxiety over the snow. Once they finally call the day, right in the middle of class, now you have lost the kids, lesson plans are out the door and excited teens are bustling the halls. At release the kids are wild, it is like the last day of school. Some are nervous because they can’t find their ride, they are unsure where to go. Then, with 5 inches on the ground and the snow falling fast, you have to dig out your own car, in your work clothes of course. After you clean off your car and get on the main highway, it seems like it is smooth sailing until you turn onto your lonely side road. This road has not even been touched. Once you maneuver your way home and into the garage, now it is time to celebrate.

It is a tight line to walk when calling a snow day. It is hard I am sure, but days like this I would rather stay home and wait for it to come than to have to get through it.

Now I am home, relaxing and writing, deciding what to do with these 2 free hours. Maybe a movie, maybe a nap, maybe a workout. Something other than working. Soon I will have to head out and shovel, but it is not worth it until it slows down. I could just get a cup of coffee and stare out the window and joy the peace and quiet.

Snow day, I should not complain. It is natures way of saying, “Take some time for yourself.”




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