March 31, 2016

You should avoid cliches like the plague in writing.

Since we are finishing a fun project,  I thought I would be very cliche to write about my journey. Sooo… Here are some cliches.

“It has come, the day at last has come, at last”- Mae Peterson Bye Bye Birdie

They say it takes 28 days to make a habit, well it has been 31, sooo… I took the bull by the horn at the beginning the of the month to embark on a fabulous journey.  I should cut to the quick to say that I was very scared about taking on this project. I cried like a baby many days to think of things to write about.

In a jiffy, I cought on and realized that  when picking topics, I was like a kid in a candy shop. Mark my words, I enjoyed the project, and the naked truth is, I think I am addicted. But that is not written in stone as I might not post every day. I will go out on a limb and say at least once a week.

This project was a shot in the dark and EVERYONE has been so amazing and very supportive. They helped me think outside the box, it was too good to be true.

It is a V for victory on this project, I am not yanking your chain. I guess since I am at the end of this list, I should say, since I am only going to live once, I should make the best of it.

Until next time, next March, keep on writing. It is a wonderful thing. Thanks again!!!


8 thoughts on “Cliches

  1. Blogging once a week is a great goal to start with. You may just stay with that for a while or you may add a day or two. I think the point about this challenge is that we can and do write for 31 days! Hopefully, it will stick with us beyond the challenge. Good luck!

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      1. Hey Dana,
        I LOVED reading your blog. I’ve since subscribed to it, so I hope you keep writing. Just a little nudge, there! In any case, I truly did enjoy getting to know you through your blog. Keep writing!


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