Hockey Fever

sol March 3, 2016


Antigo High School’s Boy’s Hockey Team is playing in the Semi-Final Round of the State Tournament today. Antigo has Hockey Fever. We sent 8 bus loads of middle school and high school students to go cheer them on. Many families and fans are headed to Madison too. Can we do it? #3 in the state? We have Hockey Fever.

H-Happy to be at State.

O-Overwhelming pride in our boys and our town!

C-Classes are small for the ones who stayed back.

K-Keeping the dream alive. If they win today, we play tomorrow. Another day in Madison.

E-Excited to see who wins. Why can’t we watch it on tv?

Y-Yesterday was crazy with excitement, today anticipation. We can’t even stand it!

F- Fans at the game are going to go wild!

E-Even though some of us could not go, we still are going to cheer them on.

V- Victory is in our reach!

E-Even if they lose we still love our Robins!

R-Red Robins- Go team Go!!!



8 thoughts on “Hockey Fever

  1. Go, Red Robins! In our corner of the world, we have soccer and lacrosse fever; but I certainly understand the excitement of a state tourney. Your acrostic poem provided a fun and festive way to spread the fever!


  2. My husband used to be a high school basketball coach so I know how that fever takes over every waking minute. I hope it lasts all through the championship! How great would THAT be?


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